About Us

TSHR hopes to enable populations around the world to realise and utilise their autonomy through the use of technology to deliver free legal information and free legal related services in a manner that is cognisable to people who have limited resources, limited English comprehsension, or knowledge to assert their human rights. TSHR takes a specific focus on stateless and refugees, to provide services that will enable these systemically disenfranchised people an avenue to obtain rights either through citizenship or refugee status. These activities have promulgated in accessible technology solutions such as Facebook chatbots and Android mobile applications.

TSHR ensures that all its products does not store or collect any information, and TSHR as an organization does not store or collect any information, which ensures a users privacy and reduces the likelihood of inadvertent harm.

TSHR (Tech Solutions for Human Rights) is the trading name for Mobile Apps for Human Rights, registered in Australia.

Viraaj Akuthota

Viraaj Akuthota - CEO

Viraaj Akuthota is the founder and director of Technology Solutions for Human Rights. He is an international and domestic human rights lawyer, refugee lawyer, and social entrepreneur with a strong background in humanitarian work, technology, and the law.

His human rights experience has been established by working at the North Australian Aboriginal Agency in the Northern Territories of Australia, a solicitor for the Social Action team at Fitzroy Legal Service in Melbourne, and as a human rights consultant for Save the Children, INGO Rakhine Initiative, Justice base in Myanmar. He also represented New Zealand youth at UN conferences in Nairobi. His private sector experience consists of working in financial services at Ernst & Young and acting as a class actions lawyer in Melbourne.

Viraaj has worked on and led human rights projects that have been initiated by or partnered with United Nations agencies, Governments, NGOs and grassroots groups. This work predominantly focused around the Rohingya crisis and the legal issues surrounding statelessness in Myanmar.

Anson Wen - CTO

Anson has extensive experience in front end and back end development. He specialises as a full stack .NET software engineer.

He has worked on a wide array of projects ranging from the University of New South Wales's Microsoft QBot to the building of enterprise and financial solutions for Deloitte.

Anson understands the impact of technology for human rights and is actively utilising his software development skills for design and implementation of TSHR tools.