Tech Solutions for Human Rights

TSHR is a non-profit organisation that enables substantive access to human rights through the use of free and innovative technology while implementing Human-Centered design principles.

TSHR has received funding from international NGOs and goverments to produce reports, data gathering tools, web-apps, or mobile apps for various human rights issues.

TSHR's products do not collect or gather any personal data

What We Do

TSHR utilises free, simple, and widely available software to create tools that increases access to justice by eliminating barriers to information and providing the user autonomy in relation to their rights.

Every tool including this website is designed considering web accessibility principles. - Open Access

TSHR's director received German government funding, through the Prototype Fund, to build a application that makes European Court of Human Right's judgments accessible.

Citizenship Chatbots - The Right to Nationality

Real-time automatic citizenship determination with multi-language support

Police Accountability - Right against Abitrary Detention

Accessible rights-based information combined with recording capabilities

Refugee Visa Form Filler - Right of Asylum

Visa Form Filler with with multi-language support

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Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding our projects, would like to collobarate or have any suggestions.